Cam Gigandet Workout – His Workout For Never Back Down Explained

Yesterday, I wrote an article outlining the Sean Faris workout for Never Back Down. This article will talk about the Cam Gigandet workout how he got in shape for Never Back Down.

When comparing Cam Gigandet to Sean Faris, it’s easy to see that Cam is leaner and more ripped than Sean. I applaud Sean for building an athletic and well defined physique, but Cam’s body simply has a sleeker and more angular look to it. I’m guessing most guys would prefer to have Cam’s physique.

Use the Cam Gigandet workout to get a six pack like him

What is the Cam Gigandet’s workout routine?

Getting a body like Cam Gigandet requires a combination of weight training and cardio with a bigger emphasis on cardio. Most people don’t realize this, but Cam Gigandet doesn’t actually have a lot of muscle.

The reason he looks so ripped is because he has an incredibly low body fat percentage(around 5% in Never Back Down). You need to focus on losing fat if you want a physique like Cam’s.

You don’t need a ton of muscle to build a physique like Cam Gigandet.

Most people overestimate the amount of muscle it takes to build a visually impressive body. If you want to look like Cam Gigandet, you actutally don’t need a lot of muscle, you simply need super low levels of body fat.

Most guys make this mistake of constantly trying to bulk up because they think they need to get bigger and bigger to look good. This is a big mistake and is why so few guys actually look like Cam Gigandet.

Don’t lift light weights to “tone” your muscles

There are some articles online promoting the Cam Gigandet workout, stating that you need to lift light weights for super high reps in order to get cut.

This is absolutely not true by any means. Lifting light weights for high reps is a complete myth, and if you really want to get cut and ripped, you need to lift heavy weights(around the 5-6 rep range).

Also, don’t worry about getting too big and bulky from lifting heavy weights, that only happens if you stuff your face with calories every day.

Put a slightly bigger emphasis on cardio to shed fat

Because getting a body like Cam Gigandet has more to do with fat loss than actual muscle gain, you should place a greater emphasis on cardio. But when I say cardio, I’m not talking about slaving away on the treadmill for endless hours.

To burn crazy amounts of fat in a cardio session, it’s best to combine HIIT(high intensity interval training) with steady state cardio.

Here’s a good way to do this:

Sample HIIT + stead state cardio routine

  • Warm up: 5 minutes of light jogging
  • Intervals (done on a treadmill, elliptical, or other cardio machine): 60 seconds at super high high¬†intensity¬†followed by with 90 seconds of low intensity. Do 8 rounds total.
  • Low intensity cardio (done on a treadmill, elliptical, or other cardio machine: 15-25 minutes at 60 to 70% of your heart rate.

The above routine can be done 3-4 times per week, after you lift weights.

Look like Cam Gigandet = Look good in clothes

Most people don’t say this enough, but being able to look and feel good in clothes is an amazing feeling. So many guys have the “gain as much muscle as possible” mindset that when they walk around in public, they give off a slightly cheesy vibe. If you’re able to get a body like Cam Gigandet, you’ll be able to look good in anything you do(or don’t) wear.

My friend Rusty Moore of FitnessBlackBook actually made a video presentation explaining this very phenomenon. Check it out below and make sure you leave your thoughts or questions on the Cam Gigandet workout routine in the comments below.

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