Shakira Height And Weight Plus The Secrets To a Flawless Female Physique

This article will cover Shakira’s height and weight along with what I think it takes to build the perfect female body.

I’ll admit, I didn’t know much about Shakira before writing this post, but after doing a bit of research on her, I gotta say that I’m a big fan. Shakira is obviously beautiful, but she also has a body type that’s sexy, curvy, and feminine. She’s not too muscular like Jillian Michaels (not that I hate her, she just has too much muscle in my opinion) nor is she too skinny. Shakira has a natural amount of muscle and has curves in all the right places.

Shakira's height is about 5 feet and 2 inches

In my opinion, Shakira has a flawless female physique

Her measurements

Shakira height – 5’2″ (1.57 meters)

Shakira weight – 125 pounds (56.8 kg)

Women shouldn’t try to too much muscle

I know I’m not a woman, but I’m guessing that the majority of women don’t want to put on massive amounts of muscle mass. If you look at Shakira, you can tell she has definition in her upper and lower body, but she doesn’t give off a “yeah I lift weights” vibe. You can easily get a body like Shakira’s with a low volume weight lifting routine and intense cardio.

Women also shouldn’t try to lose too much body fat

I know some people are going to hate me for saying this, but when women lose too much body fat and start to creep towards single digit body fat levels, they start to look less attractive.

I’m not saying having that level of leanness is unimpressive, because it is, especially if you’re a competitive fitness model. But for most women, I think having cuts and veins in your arms is a bit too much. Also, having too little body fat can make your legs and butt a bitt too muscular.

Shakira's height has nothing to do with this

Sure it's impressive, but do women really want to look like this?

Shakira’s sexy body formula

Alright, are you ready  for this? Queue the cheesy drum roll…..

The secret formula to Shakira’s body or any other hot celebrity for that matter is:

Low volume lifting + high intensity cardio + calorie restricted diet + patience = ridiculously sexy body

It’s nothing super complicated, just don’t fall into the myth that you need to constantly build muscle or that you need to get “fitness model” lean in order to have a sexy physique.

Also, if you’re interested in a complete workout program to build a slim, sexy, and feminine physique like Shakira, then I recommend checking out Visual Impact For Women. It’s a complete program that teaches you the right way to build sexy feminine curves.

What do you think? Are fitness models and bodybuilders more attractive than Shakira? Let me know below.

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